Odisha District Performance Dashboard
Panchayati Raj Department
Government of Odisha

Financial Year

The Dashboard Monitoring System is a quick and effective way to review performance at a glance. It is a simple visual representation tool, which uses a colour band ranging from dark red (poor performance) to dark green (excellent performance) to identify performance of various indicators, grouped into broad sections.

Odisha District Performance Dashboard
The Dashboard Monitoring Tool for the Panchayati Raj Department, Government of Odisha was conceived by the Odisha Modernising Economy, Governance and Administration (OMEGA) - A DFID and GoO partnership programme.
The current Dashboard includes 50 indicators clubbed into 6 groups.
The Six groups are:
  • 1. MGNREGS Focus Areas – containing 7 indicators
  • 2. MGNREG Scheme – containing 9 indicators
  • 3. OLM – containing 14 indicators
  • 4. PRI Schemes – containing 8 indicators
  • 5. Finance – containing 8 indicators
  • 6. Governance – containing 4 indicators